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Rigas Jauniesu Lellu teatris "I-a" offer a special
program meant for children summer camps and outdoor activities.

What are puppets? How are they made, what are the mechanisms which move them and how they are moved? These and many other questions occupy the mind of every child. By arriving at any place in Latvia, we will answer all the questions asked by kids, in a very common language, as well as, we lead them into the world of puppets.

The purpose of this summer camp project is to make children more interested in puppet life by participating in the creation of their own puppet show. They will create their own puppets, attribute a stage and fully enter into the spirit of puppet masters. As a result of this acting there will be developed a positive attitude to creative activity, as well as willingness to actively involve in the realization of themselves. In addition this acting will cause an interest and understanding about other arias of art, which are dependent on puppet theatre.