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To have lots of fun! To move a bit! Let children not be bored during Your festivities!
The planned event will be more entertaining, colourful and unforgettable if you charge us with running it.

Riga Youth Puppet theatre "I-ā" cooperating with the comic actors to organize entertaining activities for children and young people.
As well as entertainment programme for adults, namely, conducting the event, quizes, competitions, monologues about topical themes, etc…

Programme for children:

1. Puppet show (~ 40 min.)
2. Games, plays, songs, dances, etc…

Programme for adults:

1. Competitions, quizes, songs, dances, monologues and games for adults.
2. At the end of the event a discotheque for children or dance music for adults is possible.


Duration of the activities for children: 40 min.-2 hours.
Duration of the activities for adults - according to agreement.
We provide musical setting throughout the course of the event.
A possibility of tayloring an individual festivity script.

The prices will be a pleasant surprise to you!

We wish you joyful and pleasant rest!

Yours truly,
Ainārs Jocis
and actors of Riga Youth Puppet theatre "I-ā".

Mob. phone for additional information: +37129426010


Ainārs Jocis