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"GO AHEAD, GNAWERS!" (Geronimo Stilton)

Have you ever heard about three bold mice who are not afraid to face danger and who are lured by adventure…

It's me - Squeakie, my sister - Mousie and cousin - Trappie! I am a very busy mouse, because I run a newspaper "Gnawer's Voice" and write stories delicious like Mousenian cheese. My sister Mousie is a special correspondent of the newspaper, but cousin Trappie is quite an absent-minded mouse who happens to get involved in most incredible adventures. We live on the island of Mousenia, which is inhabited only by gnawers. (And not a single cat!) We have our own Cheesehara desert where the temperature in shadow is +50 degrees all year round, and an egg can be fried on a mouse's head! However, this time the story will be about the coldest and the most mysterious region of the island - Transmousenia! Earl Vlad von Mouse has a castle there, it is entwined by numerous legends and ghost stories. The local gnawers claim that it is still haunted by all kinds of evil spirits and even vampires!

And then one night (cold like a cat!) my cousin Trappie gives me a ring from… Transmousenia!

The conversation is interrupted… (cat it!) What is he doing in the Earl's castle?! Has Trappie got into a trouble…?! To find it out, I with my sister Mousie set out on a journey…

What adventures await us there, and what secrets does this castle keep? You will get to know these things if you watch the show!

  • Elga Pole - Polīte


  • Roberta Gobziņš
  • Ainārs Jocis


  • Boriss Rezņiks


  • Ainārs Jocis


  • Ainārs Jocis


  • Ilze Kiršteina
  • Ēriks Kiršteins


  • Artist :
        Zane Lūse
  • Carpenter
        Aivars Ozoliņš
  • Artist :
        Linda Lūse


  • Kārlis Kupčs
  • Roberts Gobziņš
  • Aīda Ozoliņa
  • Rita Paula
  • Ilze Ozola

Great thanks to everybody who is not mentioned here (the list would be very long), but helped our show to reach our little spectators!