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Fun (and not so fun) incidents,
misunderstandings and songs in the performance -

"The adventures of Dunno in Flower town" (by Nikolay Nosov)

Do you know who lives in Flower town? No? Then listen! It is a town, where very tiny people called Mites, live. In one bland little house in Blue-bell street lives very popular Mites: intelligent and ver-rrrrr-y clever Doono, musician named Trills who plays lots of musical instruments, poetry writer Turnips and always helpful Dr. Pillman who always has to treat either boy-Mites gotten bumps and girl-Mites brushed knees. And of course me - everybody's respected and loved Dunno! (Oh, it seems I boast again...)

I don't know how does it happen but sometimes I hash up things and miff my little brothers and sisters. It is not because of hard feelings. It happens without intention. Actually I try to change and go steady with everybody. We also sing songs and make concerts. And you know what - some unbelievable and strange things happen in our town! Once a piece of Sun broke off and fell straight on top us! What befell afterwards? You'll find out that by listening and watching this show.

Always yours

        ROLES BY:
  • Rita Paula
  • Ilze Ozola
  • Roberts Gobzins
  • Maris Olte
  • Artis Volfs
  • Kaspars Upacieris (UFO)
  • Ainars Jocis
  • "Musas" (Flies)
    in leadership of
    Elga Pole-Polite
  • Music:
        Elga Pole-Polite
  • Lyrics:
        Uldis Polis-Politis (1;2;4)
        Ainars Jocis (3)
  • Arrangement:
        Boriss Rezniks
        Silvija Silava
  • Artists:
        Ilze Kirsteina
        Eriks Kirsteins
  • Artists:
        Linda Luse
        Zane Luse
  • Carpenter:
        Aivars Ozolins

Special thanks for support to:
Recording studio of radio "SWH" and personally to Mr. Maris Kristapsons, polygraphy firm "Mantojums" Children Vocal Ensemble "Musas" and their parents, Aivars Pucitis, Linda Luse, Aina Joce, Lillija Polakova, Zinta Kregere, Diana Ricika, Santa Maksimova, and all those who took a part in making this and "Winnie the Pooh and friends" performances.