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Well, who has not read the charming fairy-tale about the jolly and resourceful Puss in Boots? Therefore we shall not relate the events where Puss in Boots helps his master, cheating the Giant and getting his riches, winning the King's trust and Princess' hand.

It should be mentioned that this tale has been staged for the first time as a puppet show. Besides, music and song lyrics have been written specially for this performance. The puppet show "Puss in Boots" has been intended as a modern, jolly and musical performance for children of 2-10 years of age.

Actors, artists, musicians and best stage designers in Latvia have taken part in the creation of this show.

  • Elga Pole - Polīte

        SONG LYRICS:

  • Kārlis Kupčs
  • Ainārs Jocis


  • Ilze Kiršteina
  • Ēriks Kiršteins


  • Zane Lūse


  • Ainārs Jocis



  • Puss
    Voldemārs Šoriņš

  • Princess
    Aīda Ozoliņa

  • Miller's son
    Rita Paula

  • King
    Zigurds Neimanis

  • Giant
    Kārlis Kupčs