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"Winnie the Pooh and his friends"
(by Alan Alexander Milne)

A. A. Milne's little bear Winnie the Pooh, Old Grey Donkey - Eeyore, Piglet and other friends are well known in whole world, that's why there is even a monument built in London's zoo, so girls and boys can step up to it to talk or even play.

So what is the secret, why does Winnie the Pooh and his friends attract both kid and adult audiences so much? The author has created a bright and simple world of childhood, just like a dream. Either that is a Winnie the Pooh with his hum-songs or Rabbit, Piglet and Donkey Eeyore - all of them are mutually friendly, coltish and witty. All these animals act, think and speak like kids even those who aspire to adult roles, for example Rabbit and Eeyore.

Natural and warm tenderness and humor shines from this show.
Just huminized, spiritual toys, and spiritual world is beautiful, inviting and good-natured. When finding themselves in most wonderful conditions, heroes of this fairy-tale actually are living the daily lives of children. They are having fun, joking, playing and sorrowful too. However in this common day-to-day life, the author shows us a lot of the unexpected, humanity and education, besides all of this is done with good-natured ardency and rich ingenuity, what doesn't let his audience be bored, no matter of what age! Because childhood never disappears and has no past, that's why - "Little bear Winnie and his friends will always be waiting for you in a spellbound place at the very middle of the Forest."

        ROLES BY:
  • Andris Freidenfelds (Fredis)
  • Renars Kaupers
  • Eduards Svans
  • Artis Volfs
  • Ainars Jocis
  • "Musas" (Flies)
    in leadership of
    Elga Pole-Polite
  • Music:
        Elga Pole-Polite
  • Lyrics:
        Uldis Polis-Politis
  • Arrangement:
        Boriss Rezniks
        Silvija Silava
  • Artists:
        Ilze Kirsteina
        Eriks Kirsteins u.c.
  • Artists:
        Linda Luse
        Zane Luse
  • Carpenter:
        Aivars Ozolins

Special thanks for support to:
Recording studio of radio "SWH" and personally to Mr. Maris Kristapsons, polygraphy firm "Mantojums" Children Vocal Ensemble "Musas" and their parents, Aivars Pucitis, Linda Luse, Aina Joce, Lillija Polakova, Zinta Kregere, Diana Ricika, Santa Maksimova, and all those who took a part in making this and "The adventures of Dunno in Flower town" performances.