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3)Article from magazine "Rigas Vilni" - Radio voices in puppet show!

Do you know who lives in Flower town? No? Then listen! There lives tiny Mites who have acquired a voice of well-known radio people. In a new puppet show "The adventures of Dunno in Flower town" which is provided by Rigas Jauniesu Lellu teatris "I-a", participates such radio masters like Rita Paula, Maris Olte, Artis Volfs, Ufo, and Roberts Gobzins.

As a director of this new get-up, Mr. Ainars Jocis admitted, the greatest surprise was provided by Rita Paula, who recorded the main, Dunno role and even one more role. Rita was able to "crumple" her voice in so many different gammots even professional actors can't. By the way, the idea about taking part in childrens performance was developed directly by her.

Unlike other simple performances where speakers participate directly in the show, there is a recording used which was recorded by radio "SWH". So there's just one thing to add - there was no spoken commercial background while making this performance. Mr. Ainars Jocis says that radio people were very cooperative and just helped us. And that is good.

Matterial by
Erika Smelova and Rojs Diks
Rigas Vilni+

4)Article from newspaper "Jauna avize" - Life in sunny town of Mites. In society well known people use to speak in voices of children.

This is the fifth year Rigas Jauniesu Lellu teatris "I-a" visits Latvia's schools, recreation centers and kindergartens.

Recently little bear Winnie the Pooh visited children, and was successful. This autumn it is a Dunno from the town of Flowers who visits children. It seems that this gleeful prankster is already beloved by our wee children audiences.
This autumn, when mind of adults mostly is occupied with business deals and money making it seems unbelievable that you can find some "adult kids" who spend their expensive time in the company of Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Dunno.
Presumably they overflowed fairy-tale reading in childhood. Even actors themselves - Ainars Jocis and Nauris Bikse confess that one should be in a young frame of mind to work with such strange things nowadays.

Joy for country children.
Little family of Rigas Jauniesu Lellu teatris "I-a" don't visit just the audiences of Riga - quite often they visit small country schools. Children in Riga in comparison with country children are more tired. They run away as soon as show is over without listening to farewell words. On the other hand, for country children the visit of the theatre in their schools is a great event. They all come to performances dressed-up in white blouses, with flowers in their hands and watch the show with mouths widely open. Sometimes country children provide actors with real surprises. At the very beginning of the show children are very constrained and reserved. It seems you will never be able to involve them in the doings of puppets. However within a little time children dispose themselves and enter into the spirit of what is going on, on the stage, so much, they even sing along all the songs. Once they even started to dance, admitted Nauris Bikse. Children show their exaltation in different ways - sometimes they just present us different things they love. Mr. Ainars Jocis told that once after the show one country school's kid presented him a chocolate "Snickers", but another kid was willing to show his appreciation by rewarding me with his watch.

Lively puppets.
To let Dunno and his friends look more alive and attractive to the children they were especially created by puppeteers of the animation team in Riga film studio. A bunch of six Mites which you will see in the show where created within six months. Director of Rigas Jauniesu Lellu teatris "I-a" Mr. Ainars Jocis considers that a puppet which is made the right way is a unique piece of art, that's why in Latvia you can count such puppeteers on your fingers.

About friendship.
Both wee children and pupil of sixth grade would accept this performance. It reflects a theme of friendship that is very common to children. Boy-Mites of a Flower town don't want to chum with Girl-Mites. However Dunno also relates with Kitty and understand that Girl-Mites can also be nice. Besides it is so interesting to learn to write and send letters to each other.
This show causes different emotions in kids. Sad song of Dunno moves them but at the same time funny chases makes them laugh. Actors say that quite often it is possible to hear the mighty laugh of educators in the background of tiny children voices.
Performance is very musical. All songs performed within the show were recorded by Childrens Vocal Ensemble "Musas", which is managed by the author of the music ie. Elga Pole-Polite.
Children are invited to applause and sing along, during the show.

Remember childhood.
People say that every adult in his heart always remains a child. And that is true, because in this puppet show all voices are recorded by well known people in society. Mr. Ainars Jocis says that while working on "The adventures of Dunno in the Flower town" he discovered a lot of masked talents.
For example Rita Paula, well-known presenter of radio "Skonto" is able to speak in three different child voices, at times imitating real professionals. In this show she impersonate Dunno and Turnips. But Mr. Artis Volfs already represented himself as an excellent actor in a previous show by impersonating the role of Piglet. In this show his voice is hidden beneath the image of Trills.
In the show one will also be able to hear mighty voice of Kaspars Upacieris or UFO. But well-known and popular musician Roberts Gobzins will impersonate Dr. Pillman. In this performance even Ilze Ozola, employee of the Radio "SWH" and Maris Olte are able to find out about their hidden child voices.

Matterial by
Gunita Gaide
Jauna avize

Each show is like a little miracle. The puppets lead their own life just like us - they are glad and they are sad, they are friends and they quarrel, and sometimes they are naughty as well. To learn something more, I invited Ainârs Jocis, Riga Youth Puppet theatre "I-â" director, to a conversation.


We travel from one town to another. Each show takes place in a different place - at schools, kindergartens, culture houses. Sometimes we cover more than 300 km a day. Together with puppets we have travelled around Latvia, and it is difficult to name places which have not been visited. We have also acted as a kind of "a present"(!) when somebody wants to congratulate a child in an original way - Puppet theatre at home!!!
We not only act but also organize and conduct various events - Christmas, Easter, town festivities, sports festivals, etc…


When a play has been written, Puppet artists commence their work. They create the Puppets. Making Puppets is a long and complicated process - it takes several months. First, the artist draws a Puppet and shows it to the director for his approval. Then the Puppet itself is made and fitted with a special mechanism allowing the Puppet to become alive in actor's hands.
Besides, a setting designer is required. He creates the world in which the Puppets are going to live - he builds houses, paves streets, plants trees and flowers.
Music is composed and songs are recorded specially for the performance. This is done by Children Vocal Ensemble "Muðas" with their artistic director Elga Pole-Polîte and song lyrics author Uldis Polis-Polîtis. Sometimes I write song lyrics myself, but for the performance "Go Ahead, Gnawers!" I wrote them together with Roberts Gobziòð.


To those spectators who have already seen Winnie-the-Pooh's and Dunno's adventures, the voices of the puppets may seem familiar. And really, that is true, because the puppets have got voices belonging to people famous in Latvia. The roles have been recorded by Fredis, UFO, Renârs Kaupers, Eduards Ðvâns, Roberts Gobziòð, Mâris Olte, Rita Paula, Artis Volfs and Ilze Ozola. In the show "Go Ahead, Gnawers!" Kârlis Kupès and Aîda Ozoliòa joined them as well.


This is already the sixth season for Riga Youth Puppet theatre "I-â". Many children have met Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends. No comment about them is required, for there is hardly a person who does not know the cheerful Bear… Dunno and his friends - Doono, musician Trills, poet Turnips, doctor Pillman and girl-Mite Blue-eye - are dear and welcome guests as well. They are little teeny-weeny Mites, who live in Flower town in a snug little house in Blue-bell street. Dunno is a very good-natured Mite, though a bit lazy and boastful, but he means no harm. He tries to improve and be friendly with everybody.
The show has much in common with our everyday life. Desire to learn a lot of new things, relations between boys and girls, and writing secret letters…
But now very fascinating and jolly Mice are on their way to children. These Gnawers are so keen on adventures that even very tired spectators will not be bored. This show ("Go Ahead, Gnawers!") offers the audience an encounter with a mysterious castle and its lodgers. It will be creepy at times because the castle is said to be inhabited by Vampires, but then a merry song follows and everybody is supposed to join singing…
You can watch all this - merry and not so merry incidents, misunderstandings and songs in our plays - if you invite us to visit you.


It seems the show has just started… and it's over so soon?! But 40 minutes have already passed in merry children's laughter. It's a pity… feels like asking for more.
Children are often so carried away by what is happening on the stage that they have forgotten the fact - the Puppets are conducted by actors. And then an inquisitive little spectator, looking into the mysterious world of the Puppets behind the black screen and seeing Dunno motionless, cries out in surprise: "What! Isn't he alive?!"
Yes, and why not? One is so eager to believe a miracle…

Santa Maksimova